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Found 15 miles south of Birmingham, Redditch’s history dates back to the 12th century. In 1964, it was designated a ‘New Town’ to cater to population migrations from the West Midlands. As a model for modern planning, Redditch is perhaps one of the greenest towns in the country. The main roads have been banked to reduce noise for the new housing estates and the entire area is landscaped.

With varied employment opportunities, a large choice of leisure activities and excellent transport links, Redditch has become an increasingly popular place to live. The population is currently around 84,300 people. The housing market is strong and continues to grow, creating favourable financial and economic conditions for investment in housing, buy-to-let and new housing development sites.

Most of the pre-1900, Victorian or Edwardian housing stock can be found in the original town consisting of Astwood Bank and parts of Webheath, Crabbs Cross, Headless Cross, Mount Pleasant, Riverside, Smallwood, Enfield and the Town Centre. Post-1945 housing stock can be found in the Mayfields, Greenlands, Abbeydale and Batchley.


Redditch can be divided into two distinct areas: a cosmopolitan district in the north-east encompassing the town centre and a rural area to the southwest including Astwood Bank and Feckenham.

Recently developed areas include Washford, Moons Moat, Ravensbank and Park Farm. In 1964, ‘New Town’ residential areas of Winyates, Matchborough, Church Hill, Lodge Park and Woodrow each have shopping centres and GP surgeries. These neighbourhoods offer 2 to 3 bed terraced and semi-detached houses, as well as 1 to 2 bedroom flats/maisonettes.

Properties within a first-time buyer’s budget can be found throughout Redditch. Walkwood, Callow Hill, Brockhill, Wirehill and Astwood Bank are considered the up-and-coming neighbourhoods. The latter three, as well as Enfield, have experienced continuous growth of new-build estates.

Walkwood, Callow Hill, Ipsley, Oakenshaw South and Winyates Green are regarded as the most affluent areas, populated primarily by middle to upper-middle-class families. Residents are attracted to the easy access to local schools in these areas.

Sales market comment

Property prices in the area have been rising. In 2012, Redditch had the largest increase in average house prices in Worcestershire County. Higher prices give current homeowners a better chance to sell and make back the deposit they need for their next home purchase. The increase in prices may convince buyers who had previously been on the side lines because of uncertainty about the direction of home prices that now is the time to buy.

Residents purchasing their second home favour Webheath, Oakenshaw South, Churchill North, Winyates Green, Callow Hill, Headless Cross, Astwood Bank, Crabbs Cross and Brockhill. As one of the new estates on the outskirts of the town, Brockhill offers a variety of property types, from starter homes to five-bedroom detached houses.

Here is a more extensive list of the type and location of properties available for sale:

Property Type Location
2-3 bed terraced and semi-detached houses (typical post-1945 builds) The Mayfields, Greenlands, Abbeydale, Batchley
1-2 flats/maisonettes (typical post-1945 build) The Mayfields, Greenlands, Abbydale, Batchley
2-3 bed terraced and semi-detached houses (typical 1970-80 build) Winyates, Matchborough, Church Hill, Lodge Park, Woodrow
1-2 bed flats/maisonettes (typical 1970-80 build) Winyates, Matchborough, Church Hill, Lodge Park, Woodrow
2-3 bed terraced and semi-detached houses (pre-1900, Victorian or Edwardian housing) Astwood Bank and parts of Webheath, Crabbs Cross, Headless Cross, Mount Pleasant, Riverside, Smallwood, Enfield, Town Centre
1-2 bed flats/maisonettes/conversions (pre-1900, Victorian or Edwardian housing) Astwood Bank and parts of Webheath, Crabbs Cross, Headless Cross, Mount Pleasant, Riverside, Smallwood, Enfield, Town Centre
3-4 bed semi-detached/detached houses (pre-1900, Victorian or Edwardian housing) Astwood Bank and parts of Webheath, Crabbs Cross, Headless Cross, Mount Pleasant, Riverside, Smallwood, Enfield, Town Centre
2-4 bed semi-detached/detached houses (less than 15 years old) Ipsley, Oakenshaw South, Walkwood, Winyates Green
1-2 bed flats/maisonettes (less than 15 years old) Ipsley, Oakenshaw South, Walkwood, Winyates Green
1-2 bed new build flats/conversions Town Centre, Mount Pleasant, Headless Cross
1-2 bed new build flats/maisonettes Town Centre, Greenlands, Brockhill, Astwood, Crabbs Cross
Lettings market comment

As the demand for private rented property has risen, rental prices have also increased in all areas over the past few years. Landlords have been able to hold out for asking prices due to the high demand and quick turn-around of rental properties. During the next year, rental prices are expected to see marginal increases, but ultimately stabilise with more Landlords renting property or buying to let.

Tenants favour the neighbourhoods of Oakenshaw South, Crabbs Cross, Headless Cross, Webheath, Walkwood, Winyates Green and Astwood Bank. These areas offer the best return for Landlords due to high demand, higher rental incomes and the calibre of tenants, as they are often in professional, higher-paid employment. Moreover, because these affluent neighbourhoods are so popular, properties can command a higher price without the need for landlords to negotiate.


Redditch has exceptional transportation links. The town has an efficient dual carriageway, a ring road system that includes the only cloverleaf interchange in England. Located only 6 miles from the M42, Redditch has easy access to Birmingham International Airport via the M40, M5 and M6.

There is an extensive network of local bus services accessing all areas of Redditch. The Birmingham City Centre and New Street Railway Stations are only a short journey away from the Redditch Bus and Railway Station, making the town perfect for commuters.

Education and schools

Living within the catchment area of a particular school is often a priority for house owners or rent tenants with children. Accordingly, proximity to certain schools impacts the pricing structure of the housing stock. Be aware that rental properties can cost more in the neighbourhoods of Oakenshaw, Walkwood, Callow Hill, Crabbs Cross, Headless Cross, Brockhill and Astwood Bank.

Redditch schools operate on a three-tier system, where students first attend school around the age of four or five, begin middle school at age nine, and secondary school around thirteen. The most popular choice of schools according to the tier is Astwood Bank First School and Vaynor First School, Walkwood Middle School and Ridgeway Middle School, and St. Augustine’s High School and Trinity High School.

Local attractions and facilities

Redditch’s Kingfisher Shopping Centre is one of the largest and most popular in the Midlands with over 1,000,000 square feet of retail space. The Redditch Borough Council provides a ‘Shopmobility’ service for less able-bodied shoppers as well as a ‘Child Safe Zone’. The centre also has a state of the art ten-screen cinema.

The Arrow Valley Country Park is a popular family attraction containing a skate park and four walking and cycling trails. The park encompasses a local nature reserve and the Arrow Valley Countryside centre, housing a lakeside café, gift shop and interactive exhibition.

Historic attractions include the Forge Mill Needle Museum, chronicling Redditch’s industrial heritage as a needle manufacturer, and the ruins of Bordesley Abbey, a 12th century medieval Cistercian Abbey. St. Stephen’s Church in the town centre has a picturesque garden with a water fountain and a bandstand.

Families can participate in sporting activities at the refurbished Abbey Stadium Sports Centre, containing a swimming pool, fitness suite, multi-use sports hall, football pitch and athletics track. Redditch United F.C. is situated near the town centre, and horse-riding lessons are provided by a riding school in Beoley. Golfers have a range of clubs and courses to choose from.


Redditch is a hotbed of manufacturing activity, with the majority of residents working in the industry. Manufacturers Samuel Taylor Ltd and Johnson Controls UK Automotive Ltd are two of the largest employers, while Halfords and GKN have their headquarters here. A large part of the workforce is also employed within the retail/wholesale/hotel sectors and service industries.


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