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Home Staging & Presentation

The importance of staging and correctly presenting your property ready for sale cannot be underestimated. It has been proven many times to us, that we now consider it to be the fastest and most effective way you can improve the value and saleability of your empty or partly empty house.

We offer three levels of service to cater for all situations:

  1. Full staging for empty properties
  2. Part staging for properties that have some furniture
  3. Advice and accessories for properties that just need a lift and already have furniture in
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Full staging

We have been instructed to sell empty houses that have previously been sat on the market with little interest for months. After staging with modern furniture and re-launching with fresh marketing, without always needing to reduce the market value, we have successfully sold properties for the full asking price. This proves that not only does staging work, it also saves time and money! When staging is not carried out, a property could eventually end up being reduced by £10,000 – £20,000 to encourage a sale. The initial cost of staging any property is roughly 10 times the return on investment!    

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This is for situations when there may already be some furniture in the property. If this is the case, it may just need accessorising and finishing touches added where needed.



Advice and accessories

If all you need is some help and advice, just give us a call and we’ll guide you through the basics to maximise your property’s potential. It’s often simple methods, which don’t have to cost much. If you need any accessories, we can often provide you with cushions, pictures, or rugs on the day your property photos are taken.

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When you maximise the full potential of your property by decorating, cleaning and staging, not only do you get more in terms of sale price, but we have found that:

  • More interest is created
  • The property sells quicker
  • Has less chance of falling through

Our results speak for themselves – as you can see from the chart graphs, staging achieves a higher selling price and a considerably quicker selling time. Vendors who purchase the homestaging package can expect to achieve a selling price 5%-10% higher than if they had tried to sell the property empty. In addition, empty properties which have sat on the market for up to a year with another agent, have sold their property with Arden Estates and staged by House of Arden in considerably less time, with 95% of our staged properties selling within three weeks of going live on the market.

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