The complete house move checklist

These days, there is a lot to think about when moving house, whether renting or buying.

If you’re changing address, here is our house move checklist to help you remember everything you’ll need to consider at every step of the process.

With a few weeks to go…
Confirm the date of your move. Thursday can be a popular day, being close to the weekend, but giving a little more freedom than if the mortgage payment is late on a Friday (you don’t want to be stuck until the following Monday).
If you’re moving out of rented, notify your landlord of the date you are leaving.
Arrange quotes for removals, van hire and/or storage.
Tell your utility providers (water, gas, electric, telephone, mobile and broadband, TV) and other local services (newspapers, milk and window cleaners).
Get updated home, car and life insurance quotes.
Clear out anything you don’t want to take with you (wardrobes, lofts, garages and garden sheds in particular!).
Start collecting boxes, newspaper, tape and other packing materials. Supermarkets are great for free boxes!
Arrange time off work.
Getting closer…
Order packing materials and start packing non-essentials into boxes (ornaments, books, out-of-season clothes, etc.). It’s a great idea to colour code the rooms with stickers – and also mark boxes as fragile where necessary.
Setup mail forwarding at the Post Office.
Arrange for someone to look after pets and children on moving day if necessary.
Call in favours from friends and family to help you on moving day!
Tell everyone about your change of address (see below list).
Get quotes from new utility providers to get the best deal in your new home.
Gather keys from anyone you’ve given them to.
Tidy the garden, clean the BBQ, drain fuels from lawnmowers and the like.
Arrange for a professional to disconnect any appliances such as cookers.
One week remaining…
Start to dismantle larger items of furniture
Cancel any direct debits and other bills you no longer need.
Take down any wall fixings, curtains and blinds and make good any damage.
Give your car a quick once-over to check tyres, fluids, etc. particularly if you’re travelling some distance.
Arrange parking at the new property if it can be difficult.
Keep packing, it will take longer than you think!
The day before…
Clean the house (and any appliances you are leaving, such as cookers).
Defrost the fridge freezer.
Charge up mobile phones.
Put together essentials for use on arrival (kettle, cups, drinks and snacks, cleaning products, a few basic tools, a torch, toiletries, etc.).
Collate important documents, contact numbers and medicines to keep them easily to hand.
If hiring a van, pick it up.
Move boxes downstairs where possible.
Moving day…
Turn everything off (particularly if the house is to be empty for some time).
Take your final meter readings at the old property and initial meter readings at the new one, then inform the utility providers (whose numbers will be on your list!).
If buying, arrange to change the locks on your new home soon after moving in.
Check all of the windows and doors are locked.
Hand the keys to the estate agent and then pick up the new ones.
Who to tell about your change of address…
Friends and family!
The Post Office.
Banks, loan, pension and investment providers.
The electoral register.
Credit and loyalty cards.
The DVLA (for your driving licence and vehicle registration documents).
Passport Office.
HMRC/Inland Revenue (and potentially Companies House too if self employed).
Child benefit.
Home, car, life and breakdown insurance companies.
Utility companies (water, gas, electric, telephone, mobile and broadband, satellite/cable).
TV licencing.
Your new and old local councils.
Doctor, dentist, optician and vet.
Your employer.
The library.
Your gym.
Any magazine and club subscriptions.
Online accounts such as home delivery, Amazon, etc.