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It’s All About That Base
Bank of England Keeps Base Rate at 0.10%

After much speculation over an end-of-year rise, The Bank of England has maintained the bank rate at 0.10%.

A large majority vote of 7-2 within The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), ensured the rate would remain at this record-low level, which dates to March 2020, when the rate was lowered from 0.25%.

Although the CPI are assuming an inflation rise in November of 4.5%, followed by a peak of 5% in April 2022, The MPC believes this inflation will dissipate over time, as supply disruption eases, global demand re-balances, and energy prices stop rising.

However, in an attempt to get inflation back to its 2% target within two years’ time, bank rates are likely to start increasing within the next six months.

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