Should I Sell My Property during the Summer Holidays?

house for sale in summer field

Are you pondering whether the summer holidays are the opportune time to sell your property? We’re here to unravel the pros and cons of selling property during this ‘sunny’ season. So go grab a drink and let’s navigate this exciting journey together!

‘Summer Time’: The Benefits of Selling Property in the Summer

With the quintessential British summer holidays upon us, featuring long daylight hours, occasional sunny spells and the kids off school until September, it’s important to look at the advantages this season can bring to property sellers.

  1. Sunny Disposition and Great First Impressions

There’s no doubt about it – properties generally look their best in the summer. Gorgeous green gardens, blooming roses and longer daylight hours can really enhance your property’s appeal. Plus, with the sun setting as late as 9pm, there’s plenty of time for keeping up with home and garden maintenance, and for potential buyers to schedule viewings.

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  1. Timing for Families

The end of the school year and the start of the summer holidays often make it a convenient time for families to be able to present their home in its best light and find their onward purchase. Serious buyers do not let holiday time, sports, etc. get in their way and are sometimes frustrated by the reduction in choice, as often sellers may wait until Septemeber to sell their homes. Those with children may be under some pressure to secure a property before the new school year and, as a result, they may be prepared to pay a high price in return for a swift purchase.

  1. Summer’s Feel-Good Factor

The uplift in mood that summer can bring may just be the catalyst some buyers need to take the plunge and purchase a property. The positive summer vibes can make buyers more willing to commit to the big decision of homeownership. If it is a family house, an attractive paved patio set up for al fresco entertaining and manicured lawn for the kids to have a kick-about really can make a house feel more like a home – a real hot button for the family buyer.

Not ‘Always Sunny’: The Potential Drawbacks of Summer Property Selling

Despite the favourable aspects, selling your property in the summer isn’t without its potential drawbacks.

  1. Summer Holidays and Commitments

With many of us traditionally taking holidays over the summer months, you might find a smaller pool of potential buyers in the market. Additionally, with children out of school and a plethora of summer activities to engage in, prospective buyers might be too occupied to commit to house hunting. However, we’ve found that even the annual summer holiday doesn’t distract a serious buyer for too long in their search for the next property! 

  1. More Competition

Summer can be a popular time to list properties as families tend to have a little more time to get their property in order for a sale, meaning you could be facing some competition. More listings could impact how quickly your property sells and the price you can negotiate. Although, we’ve found over the last few years, that new properties hitting the market tend to spike in September, so listing now could get you way ahead of the game!

  1. Unpredictable British Weather

While summer in the UK can bring beautiful days, we all know that the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Heatwaves, downpours, or even just a run of grey days could potentially deter buyers from stepping out and viewing properties.

Finding Your Path in the Summer Property Market

After considering these pros and cons, deciding to sell your property during the summer holidays should be a balance of personal circumstances, local market conditions, and your property’s unique features.

If you do decide to proceed with a summer sale, here are a few tips:

  • Showcase Your Garden: A well-tended garden can be a major selling point. Ensure it’s at its best during viewings.
  • Keep Interiors Fresh: Warm days can sometimes make indoor spaces stuffy. Make sure your home is clean, well ventilated and feels comfortable.
  • Flexibility is Key: Make use of the longer daylight hours by offering flexible viewing times and keeping up with house and garden maintenance.

To sum up, the summer holiday season offers a unique set of opportunities and challenges for property sellers. Understanding your market, preparing your property, and aligning with the needs of potential buyers is key. 

So, if you are considering the possibility of selling this summer, or know someone else who is, why not contact us today?

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