House moving costs: The definitive guide

When you’re trying to budget to move house, there are lots of different costs involved – some of which you may not be expecting if you haven’t been through the process before.

Here’s our definitive guide to the different house moving costs payable and how much you should expect to lay out for each (and don’t forget that estate agency and conveyancing costs will normally be quoted excluding VAT).

Cost of selling a house
Estate agency fee (typically 1.25% + VAT of the sale price)
EPC (typically £60-70)
Solicitor fees for selling, also called sale conveyancing (typically £600-900)
Telegraphic transfer fees for settling existing mortgage (typically £35)
Possible extras
Any minor works and ‘making good’ which need doing (definitely budget £100-200 to brighten things up!)
Early redemption penalty fee (generally only applies to fixed period mortgages – refer to your existing agreement – but some mortgages are ‘portable’)
Cost of buying a house
The price of the house! (or at least the 10% deposit, although that can sometimes be passed up the chain)
Mortgage booking, arrangement (often as much as £1,000) and indemnity fees (if borrowing with a high LTV)
Survey fee for both the mortgage valuation (typically £500 or so) and your own survey (£500-£1,000)
Stamp duty or SDLT (percentage based)
Solicitor fees for buying, also called purchase conveyancing (typically £600-1,000)
Land registry fee (£200-900 depending on purchase price)
Drainage, environmental and local authority searches (approximately £200-250)
Land registry search (£4)
Bankcruptcy search (normally less than £10)
Telegraphic transfer fees for sending funds to seller (typically £35)
Removal costs (typically £500-600 for a local move from a 3 bedroom house and often cheaper when not moving on a Friday!) , van hire (£100 for a Luton with a tail lift) or storage
Packing materials (or scavenge at your friendly local supermarket!)
Possible extras
Ground rent and service charges (primarily in leasehold properties)
Parking space and permit fees
Additional insurance premiums or top-ups (buildings, life and critical illness cover for example – ask if you’d like advice)
Financial advisor fee for mortgage (typically £250-500, though some mortgage advisors take a commission instead)
Building regulations indemnity fee (as much as £200)
Any necessary decorating work
Reconnecting utilities and services (BT, Sky TV, etc.)
Pet kennel/cattery fees
Mail redirection costs (£50 for 12 months)
Any extra furniture you may need
Tradesman fees if needing professionals to disconnect kitchen appliances you plan to take with you
Cost of renting a house
Application and referencing fees (typically £300 for a couple, but beware! Some agents will charge more)
Deposit (around 6 weeks rent is common, plus extra if pets are allowed)
First month’s rent
Possible extras
Guarantor fee if necessary
Check-out fee
Planning your budget carefully is essential with any move, so we hope this guide is useful to you.

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