Should I Sell My Property During Brexit?

There are many mixed messages being sent out by the press regarding the property market, especially in view of the numerous issues surrounding Brexit. Is the market going to fall? Will it rise? Is it a good time or a bad time to move house? Fortunately, here at Arden Estates, things have remained busy with a constant source of new properties hitting the market every day across all our offices. In addition, sales have been consistent through 2019, and up by 25% since 2018, with new applicants calling every day and our staff carrying out more viewings than ever.

This high demand for property, may be the best indicator of the future of the market than anything else. If people feel uncertain about the future, they usually don’t risk their money. The real effects of leaving the EU may not even be felt on the UK economy for a few years. Uncertainty regarding the B-word seems to have been replaced with boredom, and whilst no one has a crystal ball to tell us exactly where Brexit may leave the country, life goes on for the majority of us.

Fortunately, interest rates have remained incredibly low, despite any nominal rises, indicating the banks do not seem overly concerned about the future.

So, if you were thinking of moving in the next year or two, it may be worth bringing that decision forward to take advantage of the strong demand for property that we have currently in the local area, and also the remaining low interest rates if you’d require a mortgage when purchasing your onward property.

By selling for the highest price the market will currently pay, you’d not only maximise your sales price, you’d also put yourself in a stronger buying position when looking for your next home. It’s certainly worth a thought!

There’s nowhere better to start than finding out how much your property is worth. We can help by providing you with a free valuation. We can discuss with you your property’s maximum expected price and saleability within the current housing market, as well as explain how we do things differently to any other agent on the high street. Simply give us a call or pop into your local Arden Estates office to arrange a convenient time and we’ll offer a stress-free, pressure-free service.