House Not Selling? Here’s Why…

Has your property been sitting on the market for longer than you expected? Are you tired of hearing the same feedback or low offers from viewers? Are you missing out on other houses because yours is stuck on the market? It can be frustrating to feel like other properties are selling, and you’re stuck on the sidelines. But you’re not alone.

A fresh plan of action is the only answer to a house that just won’t budge. So, if you’re feeling the pressure to get sold, you need to try something new that your agent perhaps hasn’t done yet.

Here are the reasons your property might not be selling and what you can do to get that sold sign up at last…


How Long Does It Normally Take For A House To Sell?

How long it takes for your home to sell depends on a few factors. The first thing to consider is the current average time it takes for properties to sell in the UK. According to Rightmove, it can take around 18 weeks to go from on the market to an offer accepted. 

Of course, the average time is extremely broad. The main aspects that you need to consider are:



Depending on where you are in the UK, the average time to sell a house varies. This can change depending on the region as well as your particular location. So for example, if your property is in London, you can expect a slightly longer selling time than if you were in Scotland. 

But it’s also important to take into account whether your home is in a highly sought-after location within that region. If your property is in a highly desirable location within your town or village, you’re more likely to have a faster sale.


Pricing a house to sell fast is a delicate balance because you also want to achieve the best sale price possible. Your property may be priced lower for a faster sale or higher to achieve a better outcome for you. 

So if your home is priced in a higher bracket for your area, you can expect a longer wait time before you sell.

Your Agent

Choosing the right estate agent can play a huge role in how long it takes for your property to sell. Different agents will value and market your home in their own way. While one agent may simply put your home on Rightmove and step away, another will create a personalised marketing plan with multiple avenues for advertising.

It goes without saying that you’re more likely to sell faster if your agent is doing more for you. After all, selling a house is just like selling anything else – you have to be able to market it well.


Why Your House Isn’t Selling

There are a few reasons why your house might not have sold yet. The most difficult part to come to terms with is that they are all obvious problems that ultimately come down to your estate agent. 


Poor Presentation

You can break this down into more than one point. Presentation starts with the way your home looks to potential buyers. This means you’re less likely to get interested buyers or even viewers if your home looks uninviting or messy.

Your photography should present your home in the best light, but that can only be done if your home is properly presented to start with. Your agent should offer you a home staging service or presentation advice prior to photographs or viewings.

Lazy Marketing

This point goes hand in hand with poor home staging advice. If your agent isn’t doing everything possible to sell your home, then your property will most likely go unseen.

With the property market so competitive, your agent needs to have an arsenal of proven marketing techniques such as social media launches, aerial video and buyer waiting lists. Without taking advantage of multiple marketing techniques, it’s possible your home isn’t being seen by the right people or at all.



Overvaluing is just as bad as undervaluing because ultimately, your house won’t get sold for the price you deserve. If your property has been sitting on the market for a long time at the same price, it’s possible it has been overvalued by your agent initially in order to attract you as a vendor to use them. 

This tactic isn’t helpful for you because this results in a need to lower your asking price, reducing the perceived value of your property.


Bad Timing

When did your agent launch your property on the market? Statistically, between January and May is the best time to begin marketing a house for sale. If your agent launched your property in the lead-up to Christmas or during the school holidays, you will probably see a slower sale.

Ways To Get A Faster Sale For A Better Price

So how can you sell your home faster if it has been sitting on the market for a long time? Is it too late for you to get a good price AND sell fast?

It’s never too late to sell your home for the right price and to sell it within a reasonable amount of time. 

One of the best ways to get your home sold is to re-launch with a new agent. Your new agent should discuss what’s happened and what went wrong the first time your home went up for sale. This can provide valuable information and point out what went wrong.

The next step of a relaunch is one of the most important. Your property should be marketed totally anew, giving your home the best chance to sell fast and sell for a good price. 

At Arden Estates, we utilise marketing techniques like high-quality photography (not camera phone photos), multi-platform listing (not just Rightmove), social media posting, 3D Matterport tours and a unique database of buyers looking for a property like yours.

Ultimately, your relaunch should give your home the second chance it needs to achieve the price you wanted from the start, as fast as possible.

Ready To Relaunch?

It can be difficult to know what to do when your home has been up for sale for a long time and your agent has run out of ideas. With proper marketing, pricing, staging and timing, your property should sell for the best price and in the best time.

It all comes down to your estate agent. If you’d like to learn more about a property relaunch, then get in touch with our property selling experts to find out what we do differently.