Signs It’s Time to Sell

Feature by Maria Stokes

Making the decision to put your house on the market can be a difficult one. There can be a number of factors to weigh up, including both lifestyle and financial, which may be encouraging you to sell your home.

Many of us become emotionally attached to our abodes and can find taking the plunge of putting our home on the market a daunting or even saddening thought. But, if lately you’ve found yourself checking out Rightmove and questioning if it’s the right time to move, or whether you and possibly your family need a change, then these are the tell tale signs you are probably ready to sell your home.

Here are our top five signs you are ready to put your house on the market:

Space is an issue – Whether you have too much or too little, space is usually the number one reason most people want to move house. Either way, it’s time to address the problem. It’s not healthy to live in an environment which is causing you stress on a daily basis by either being too cramped or by wasting energy on space not needed. If space has become your issue, it’s time to move.

You’ve earned equity – Over the last few years property has gained value at a significant rate. In fact, many homeowners have found their property has gained tens of thousands of pounds just over the past two to three years, with values across the local area and country steadily rising. With the equity you may have built in your home, you could finally put it towards a down payment on your next property, or even be in a position to become a cash buyer enjoying no mortgage if you choose to move.

It’s a sellers market – Currently, in early 2023, it’s a seller’s market, which means you are more likely to achieve asking or close to asking price on your property. Instructions are on the rise though, so now is the perfect time to sell your house while demand is strong. If you wait too long it could become the buyer’s market, especially if house prices begin to drop.

You’ve stopped maintaining – If you were once excited by colour schemes, home improvements and landscaping, but now struggle to gain the energy to even mow the lawns or hang a new picture, this could be a sign that your property no longer excites you and that you have become complacent and bored with your dwelling. It may be that you want a house that’s maintenance free or you’re looking for a project to re-invigorate your imagination. Either way, perhaps it’s time to look at properties available that will inspire you.

Life changes – One thing is for sure, you never know what twists and turns life is going to throw at you. Growing or shrinking families, a new job in a new area or with a new salary, retirement and divorce, are all common reasons why people choose or need to move home. Ultimately, a happy home is one that suits all major factors within your life. For each phase you may go through in life – make sure you find that house that’s right for you!

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at your local Arden Estates branch. We will be happy to come out to meet you and give you a free valuation of your house. We offer assistance and advice on all aspects of selling your property, as well as helping you find your next dream home.