How do I choose the right estate agent?

Home sellers looking for the right estate agent

Finding the best or right estate agent to sell your property doesn’t have to be tricky, but you will need to do some research.

Many agents will promise low fees and a quick sale, as they already have ten applicants interested in your property, but try not to be seduced by the usual sweet sales talk.

The best estate agent will be prepared to work for you, getting you the best price for your property. They will have a comprehensive list of buyers on their database, will take care to market your property in its best light and they’ll be able to advise you honestly on the current market.

You know that gut instinct feeling you get when you meet someone new? A good estate agent will invoke the same feelings and hopefully leave you feeling they are sincere, polite, experienced and will do everything they can to sell your home.

So, if you’re wondering who the best guy for the job is in your town, check out our checklist:

Find an Estate Agent selling properties similar to yours

This may seem counterproductive, as you want your house to stand out from all the others. However, the benefit of doing this, is that the agent will be experienced and well-versed in selling properties just like yours. They’ll also have a database of buyers looking for a property just like yours.

Who have you been recommended?

If you have friends or family who have recently bought or sold property, speak to them. Word of mouth is a great way to hear about good estate agents, and also the ones to avoid! If someone you know highly recommends the agent they used, it’ll be a good indication of the level of service you can expect to receive too.

Research online reviews

Speaking of recommendations, googling estate agents in your local area will give you plenty of results and you can read reviews left by previous clients through Google reviews. You can also search specific agents on Trustpilot and on social media, such as Facebook. If there are hundreds of reviews and the average star rating remains high, then it’s a sure sign they are a very good estate agent.

Ask the questions that concern you most

The best estate agent will make you feel confident about selling your house with them. If you have questions, worries or fears about the process, you should feel comfortable to be able to ask them! A good estate agent will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You may want to check things like:

What will the fee be?

What is the tie-in period?

Do I have to have a contract?

Do I have to have a For Sale board?

Who will conduct my viewings and when?

Compare the market

As an estate agent we encourage you to invite not only us, but other estate agents to value your property and explain how they plan to sell it. Three is a good number to give a more rounded and accurate value of your property. One agent may value much higher than the others, but you may find another more honest and trustworthy.

Don’t let the fee be the only factor

Getting a good deal feels great doesn’t it? However, how often have you gone with a cheaper option only to find the quality of the product or service wasn’t as good as you had hoped for? You get what you pay for, right! Well, an estate agent could be the same. Negotiating a low fee may mean an agent are less inclined to pull out all the stops for you, especially if your property turns out to be a little tougher to sell or your purchaser begins to drag their heels during the progression stage. Remember, an agent who immediately reduces a fee may be struggling for business.

By remaining flexible on the fee, your agent will be more motivated to work harder to sell your property at a better price. At Arden, we work on a no sale no fee guarantee, which means we will work hard to ensure your house sells for the best possible price.

Check the contract

Make sure you are happy with the small print of your agreement with your agent. A good agent will be transparent without the surprise of hidden extras lurking in the detail. You shouldn’t be asked for any money upfront. If you choose Arden, and we are unable to sell your property, we won’t ask you to pay us a penny.

Also, remember to check your tie-in period, some agents will keep you tied in for long periods, however we prefer that you feel you are in control, so you’ll work with us on a month to month rolling basis with just 28 days’ notice required if you wish to leave.

Time to make a decision

Once you have done all your research, checked out reviews and recommendations, received your valuations and asked your questions, the time to choose your agent has arrived!

We’d love you to choose us, so if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.