How To Sell Your House Without Advertising It

Are you thinking of selling your house but worried about advertising it for all to see? Sometimes it’s nosy neighbours you’d rather not have to answer to. Or maybe you’ve had family problems and would prefer certain people not to know about your move. Perhaps you simply want to keep your house sale a private affair.

Whatever your reason, there is a way to sell your home without anyone knowing (except the potential buyers of course!) 

Secret selling could be the answer…

What Is Secret Selling?

Secret selling means you can sell your home without advertising. No For Sale board outside your home, no online adverts on Rightmove or Zoopla, no magazine ads. Completely off-market. The only people who will know are you, our professional team and the potential buyers we permit.

We’ll take care of selling your home with the utmost care and discretion so you can be confident that your house sale is completely classified information. 

How Does It Work?

How secret selling works depends on the service you choose. At Arden Estates, we offer two different secret selling services so you can select the type of confidential sale you’re most happy with.


The first of our secret selling services is the low-key option. It gives you privacy over selling your home while allowing our potential buyers to know about your property. Your house will not be publicly advertised; no sale board, no Rightmove or Zoopla listings online, and no feature ad in newspapers or magazines.

Instead, we’ll ask our professional in-house photographer to capture stunning pictures of your home at a time that suits you. With them, we’ll create an impressive brochure featuring only your home to send to potential buyers that we’ll carefully select from our independent database.

Our experts will use the same attention to detail to produce an exclusive online listing on our Arden Estates website so that only the right people see your home for sale.

Once the ideal buyers are found for your property, we’ll arrange viewings at a convenient time for you, so you remain in complete control of your house sale activities.


The other secret selling service we provide is absolutely private. So you can have total reassurance over the confidentiality of your house sale. Not a single buyer, let alone anyone else, will hear of it unless you give the go-ahead. No public advertisements online or offline. No signs or boards. It won’t even feature on our website.

How do we let the right buyers know? We thoughtfully choose the most suitable buyers from our independent database. Those that best match the criteria will be carefully screened. Only then do we talk about and organise a private viewing.

You’ll be kept thoroughly informed throughout, and your wishes for confidentiality will be kept at the forefront of our arrangements at all times, so you trust your house sale with Arden Estates is handled with the greatest secrecy.

What’s Great About Secret Selling?

There are many benefits to discreetly selling your house, including these:

Security & Peace Of Mind

One of the main reasons you may wish to keep your house sale a secret is to avoid conflict. The awkward questions, the unsolicited advice, and the people you’ve already had struggles with. Selling your property confidentially avoids all of the confrontations that might otherwise occur, giving you a sense of security and peace of mind.

More Attractive

The exclusivity that comes with a private house sale is attractive to most potential buyers. To have a chance to be the first, if not only, viewer. To buy a house that’s off-market is somewhat covetable, typically kept only for the rich and famous. It adds a buzz to the buyer’s experience and makes it extremely attractive.

Greater Offers

Homes sold with privacy tend to receive greater offers. Maybe it’s the exclusivity and the sense of prestige. Whatever it is, it’s great news for your bank balance.

Less Stress, More Time

You’re in charge of where your home is (or isn’t) advertised. You have the final say on who views your home and when they visit. Only the best of our buyers get the chance – those who are serious and well-matched. This means no time wasting and far less stress for you.

Who Is Secret Selling Good For?

Secret selling is a brilliant option for you if you’d rather keep your house sale off-topic and off-market. Would you rather not have to answer awkward questions from neighbours? Prefer not to have confrontations with argumentative family members or ex-partners? Would you simply like to keep your house sale private?

Secret selling is a stress-free and confidential way to manage your property sale. You can remain in complete control of all selling activities, reduce the hassle and time it takes to find serious buyers, get higher offers and of course, a greater sense of security and peace of mind.


Would you like to find out more about selling your house off-market? Take a look at our Secret Selling Service for all the essential info.