Types of House Buyers and Dealing with Offers

Couple deciding on which house buyer and offer to choose

One of the key aspects of the selling process is dealing with different types of house buyers and handling their offers. Understanding the various types of buyers and knowing how to navigate their offers can help you make the best decisions when selling your home.

In this article, we will explore the common types of house buyers and provide valuable insights into effectively dealing with their offers.

First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers are individuals or families who are purchasing their first-ever home. They are often eager, motivated and most appealingly, can move with no-chain. But, they may have limited experience in the property market. When dealing with offers from first-time buyers:

  • Be patient and provide clear information: Understand that they may have questions and concerns. Be ready to explain the process and address their enquiries patiently.
  • Consider their financing options: First-time buyers may be more dependent on mortgage financing. Ensure that their financing pre-approval is in order before accepting their offer.

Move-Up Buyers

Move-up buyers are those who are looking to upgrade their current living situation. They may be selling their existing home to buy a larger or more luxurious property. When dealing with offers from move-up buyers:

  • Highlight the advantages of your property: Emphasise how your house satisfies their upgrade needs. Showcase the features that would appeal to someone looking for a more substantial or luxurious home.
  • Be open to negotiations: These buyers may have a specific budget, so be prepared to negotiate terms and possibly consider concessions to make the deal work.


Property investors purchase properties with the intention of generating rental income or capital appreciation. They often have a keen eye for value and return on investment. When dealing with offers from investors:

  • Present the potential rental income: Investors are interested in the financial aspect. Provide them with rental yields and any relevant data on the property’s history if applicable.
  • Be prepared for a quick closing: Investors often want to close deals swiftly. If you’re in a hurry to sell, an investor’s offer might align with your goals.

Relocation Buyers

Relocation buyers are individuals or families who are moving to a new area due to work, family, or other reasons. They typically have a timeline and specific needs in mind. When dealing with offers from relocation buyers:

  • Be accommodating with timing: Understand that relocation buyers may have a fixed schedule. Being flexible with the closing date can make your property more attractive.
  • Highlight the neighbourhood and amenities: Emphasise the convenience and desirability of your property’s location, such as school catchment or a nearby train station, as relocation buyers often prioritise these factors.

Cash Buyers

Cash buyers are individuals or investors who have the funds to purchase a property outright without the need for mortgage financing. Dealing with offers from cash buyers can be advantageous in many ways:

  • Simplified process: Cash transactions typically involve no-chain, fewer complications, and faster closings.
  • Negotiate wisely: While cash buyers often expect a discount for their cash offer, don’t be too quick to agree to a significant reduction in price. Consider the benefits of a quick, hassle-free transaction.

Dealing with Offers

Now that we’ve discussed the various types of house buyers, let’s delve into the process of dealing with offers effectively:

  1. Set a Competitive Asking Price – Before receiving offers, it’s crucial to set a competitive asking price for your property. Research the local market, compare recent sales of similar properties, and consult with an estate agent to determine the right price. A well-priced home is more likely to attract serious buyers and receive reasonable offers. 
  1. Review All Offers – Once offers start coming in, it’s essential to review each one carefully. Consider the price, terms, contingencies, and any additional factors that buyers may present. Keep in mind that the highest offer may not always be the best if it comes with unfavourable terms or contingencies.
  1. Negotiate Thoughtfully – Negotiation is a natural part of the selling process. Be open to discussing and negotiating with buyers, but also know your bottom line. Don’t feel pressured to accept an offer that doesn’t meet your needs or expectations. Your estate agent can be a valuable ally in navigating negotiations.
  1. Consider Contingencies – Buyers often include contingencies in their offers, such as home inspections, financing, or the sale of their current home. While some contingencies are standard and reasonable, others may be more complex. Discuss these contingencies with your agent and evaluate their impact on the sale.
  1. Respond Promptly – Buyers appreciate a timely response to their offers. Whether you’re accepting, countering, or rejecting an offer, do so promptly. Delaying your response can lead to buyer frustration and potentially cause them to move on to other properties.
  1. Evaluate the Buyer’s Motivation – Understanding the buyer’s motivation can help you make informed decisions. A motivated buyer is more likely to proceed with the transaction and be flexible during negotiations. Ask your agent to gather information about the buyer’s circumstances and reasons for purchasing your property.


Dealing with various types of house buyers and their offers can be a rewarding and successful process when approached with knowledge and a strategic mindset. By understanding the motivations and needs of different buyer types and employing effective negotiation strategies, you can navigate the sale of your home with confidence. Remember to consult with a qualified estate agent who can provide valuable guidance throughout the process, ultimately helping you achieve a successful sale. Not sure where to start? Read more on how to choose the right estate agent.

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